How to Write a Killer Bio

How to write a killer bio begins with a killer story.

Along with how to drive growth and market your business, how to write a killer bio should be a top priority for growing businesses. A bio should be three things; a story, simplicity, and a call to action.

If your bio lacks any of these three, you miss out on landing new clients and connecting with old ones. How to write a killer bio begins with telling a killer story. 

How to write a bio

Humans are interestingly drawn to fancy words and ideas more than the overall concepts. The same goes for bios and memoirs. We tend to like those that are edgy and abstract over direct and to-the-point. 

It’s not our fault, we live in a society that likes colorful presentations, and the same concept applies to words, especially when it comes to learning about a new person. 

Bios tend to be the cornerstone of today’s business world. Companies are defined by their employees, their strong points, and their story. Without beating around the bush, bios can be one of the main selling points of your business. Your clients want to know who you are, how you can help them, and why you are better than the rest. 

Tell a story: Authenticity is key to connecting with your audience.

Tell a killer story

How to tell a killer story starts with being relatable and showing your clients just how much they mean to you. Begin with the basics in mind; tell them who you are and what you’ve done. Once that is out of the way, weave in your experiences to add insight and value. Business decisions begin with our hearts and then our minds.

Remember that personal branding and marketing have to be a part of every step of who you are to your company and your clients. Your story will allow you to be relatable and present yourself as a person rather than an unknown individual behind the screen.

 Telling a killer story isn’t just about how you stand out from your crowd but about how you are putting your clients first. Think about how they view you and what their experience has been with your company.

Authenticity is key in writing a killer bio. Go above and beyond to capitalize on the best results you have delivered. Just be sure to remember to stay faithful to your industry. It might be tempting to falsify a story or exaggerated results but don’t. Honesty and integrity sell more than lies and deceit. 

Make it readable. Simplicity goes a long way

Make it readable

Have you ever come across a bio, and at the end, you wonder to yourself, what have I just read?

 Yeah, me too.

 Some bios tend to be filled with complicated theories and ideas but vaguely relate to the mundane world. I get it. You are important, and your bio has to reflect that. But that doesn’t mean your bio has to be over-complicated with big words that nobody understands. Some of the most complex bios that I have come across are in three categories; academia, tech, and architecture. 

Remember that your bio should be easy enough for an 8th grader to read. Make it readable and consider your readability score. That means sometimes you have to use simpler words rather than saying you are in data analytics scientist. Think about saying you help businesses understand their data to make more informed decisions. 

 Simplicity isn’t a problem when it comes to bios, but be sure not to oversimplify. Remember that you are talking to professionals who just happen to be humans as well. Adding a bit of personality and simplicity to your bio can help your clients relate to you on a personal level. Think of a bio as an introductory letter to who you are and what you can offer. 

Have a clear call to action

Have a clear call to action

One of the basics of writing a killer bio is to have a clear call to action. You want to be able to guide prospective clients to the next steps of how to work with you. Rather than having nothing at the end of your bio, add a button that says learn more. You can use this button to direct curious souls to learn more about your products and services. You can even refer them to your blog to share valuable insights and thought leadership. 

 The potential of having a call to action at the end of your bio is limitless. I have seen companies use this method to increase their conversion rate and build long-term relationships with their clients.

Your next steps

How to write a killer bio isn’t something that you learn in one go. It takes time and practice; companies are constantly updating their bios to reflect their brand strategy and core goals. If you have not updated your bio in the last two years, maybe it’s time to take a look and add a story your clients can relate to personally. 

Keep these three tips in mind on how to write a killer bio.

  1.  Tell a killer story
  2.  Make it readable
  3.  Have a clear call-to-action

If you don’t know where to start, go to our contact page and book a free 30-minute discovery call. At WritnWell, we are more than happy to help you understand the basics of how to write a killer bio and wow your clients. Remember that your bio is an introductory letter and a great way to start building a long-lasting relationship with your audience as well. 

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