How to craft a well-written blog post

How to craft a well-written blog post

Your blog has to have a purpose to either entertain, educate, or sell a product or a service. Regardless of the company, your purpose and how you execute it will change based on industry, background, and the writer. To successfully craft a well-written blog post, you must first take the time to understand your topic at hand. Rather than give your a fluff piece, we have written a post that delivers just that –A well-written blog post. 

Four Tips to Crafting a Well-Written Blog Post

Tips on how to craft a well-written blog post 

The key to drafting a well-written blog post is first understanding the tips to craft a well-written blog post. We wanted to share the four steps we use for each post in less than 500 words. 

  1. Research your topic and audience. It would be foolish of us to write about interior design when our audience is concerned about SEO and business practices. But many companies spend countless hours blogging about a topic their audience has no interest in. Instead of producing topics that won’t convert, craft a well-written blog post highlighting your strengths and indicate how your service/product can provide a solution.
  1. Create your first draft. Remember that writing a well-written blog post takes time. On average, it takes writers almost four hours to write a blog post that they deem acceptable. (Orbitmedia, 2020) Now is the time to take your insights from your research and the current knowledge you possess to craft a well-written post that your readers will love. Remember to ask thought-provoking questions and add value with each opportunity. If you realize your blog post has too much information, you can always write another similar topic. 
  1. Edit with care. With each review and edit, you will see new details that weren’t obvious in the first review. Also, keep in mind that you can change the title of each section and overall header to maintain consistency, but don’t beat yourself up about revising your title. Brands that experiment with different titles and headings have a higher conversion rate.
  1. Add graphics that highlight or add presence. Each image you add must tell a similar story to the blog post presented. A well-written post is crafted through a combination of words and pictures. You can now stand one step ahead of your competition. (Note: You can also reuse your graphics in your social media marketing campaigns.)
Blogging helps brands stand out

Remember that crafting a well-written blog post doesn’t have to be tremendously long to for you to publish. This post is less than 500 words, but we deemed it acceptable for publishing. 

WritnWell is dedicated to helping brands shine where they need it most. Blogging is one of the few ways a brand can stand out in today’s world riddled with information. Check out our blogging services and how we can take you from loss in the sauce to creating your own flavor.

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