6 Blogs to Keep You Inspired and Your B2B/B2C Idea Bank Full

6 blogs to keep you inspired and your idea bank full of new concepts and theories.

Blogging is an art form, but it can become quite dull when your idea bank is low on fuel. They say to be a good writer; you must be a great reader; the same goes for creating blogs that will resonate with your reader. 

You must also find blogs that resonate with the things you believe in and be willing to push your idea to the next level. We have curated some of our favorite blogs for coming up with new ideas to write and talk about with our team. 

Here are six blogs to keep you inspired and your idea bank full of new concepts and theories. We understand that not all great ideas come from within your niche; that is why we want to encourage you to explore these new blogs and build your content bank for those days when you can’t write for lack of inspiration. 

But before we start, we’ll explain the importance of an idea bank and how it can help your writing. 

What is an idea bank?

An idea bank is a place where you store concepts and, for the lack of a better word, ideas that you find interesting or would make an excellent article once you find all the necessary information. It can be a notebook or an app where you keep all your content in one place. 

People tend to use Notion, Evernote, Craft, and a few other web apps to allow for access across multiple platforms. But your idea bank isn’t just for storing information; it’s also a place where you can put similar concepts together and resources for later use. 

Just remember to clean it out once in a while or leave yourself a note on what ideas you implemented and when.

6 Blogs to Keep You Inspired and Your idea Bank Full

Blogging isn’t always long-form content that pushes the bounds of human knowledge; sometimes, it’s a few sentences and a kind word. We wanted to show you various blogs that have stood out to us as we curated information for different articles for clients and ourselves. 

Here at WritnWell, we seek to add a bit of spice to the things we create; we don’t just want to inspire others to follow your content but build a better content marketing model. We want your readers to engage with your articles and desire your insights, and so we must dig into what we know and share those insights with others. This list may be short, but it’s a beautiful nugget of gold. 

Seth Godin is a great source for improving your idea bank.

Seth Godin’s Blog

Seth Godin’s Blog is a treasure mine of great ideas. He shows his humility and understanding of the human mind and how to apply it in different areas. His post on mouth-to-mouth resuscitation has several implications on how we do business and solve problems. 

Seth has a way of highlighting a problem while displaying the solution, and the best part is the lack of complexity. His posts are simple and to the point. He is an excellent example of how shorts posts can be meaningful and impactful without a 2,000-word post. 

Userpilot’s Blog

Userpliot’s Blog offers clear definitions and case studies on product adoption, user onboarding, and good UX. It’s a part of its tagline for its blog. Here you will find information on The Adjacent User Theory, what it means to reduce your churn rate, and build a smooth user onboarding process to increase your core users. 

Userpilot has a keen eye on what it means to engage with their users. They not only speak the lingo, but they also live by it. We encourage you to learn more about UX and product adoption through their blog, as it is one of our favorites to visit when researching new concepts. 

Gather Content’s Blog

Gather Content’s Blog is the OG of content marketing and content strategy. It has laid the foundation for what we now know as an entire industry of content marketing, content design, content research, and content implementation. They offer case studies, user experience research, and advice on writing better and building more engaging content. 

Their article on Content Strategy of the effective use of user-generated content is powerful, giving their audience the information they need to use their content to produce new ideas. What we often forget when writing is how much personalization and listening to the user comes in handy. We hope that their content helps you remember to write from a user perspective rather than your own. 

Let's start taking out readers ideas and experiences into consideration when we write.

Sketch Planations

Our first thought on Sketch Planations was how cool it was and that the name was a bit strange. But this post isn’t about branding; it’s how Sketch Planations explains complex ideas with simple wording and pictures. We often forget that our audience must be able to understand the gravity of our words. It is our hope that Sketch Planations helps to further your growth in simplicity and art. 

You can also check out their Patreon to become a member of an awesome growing community.

Craft Your Content 

Craft Your Content offers advice on writing, editing, and bring your ideas to life. They are a lot like us but way ahead on their journey. Maybe we should call them our big sis? We’ll let you know if they ever want to adopt us into their family. 

Just like their name, they are advocates of helping writers to shine. They don’t just focus on freelancers either; their coaching services help writing professionals and entrepreneurs get their writing juices flowing. Heck, some of their articles even allowed us to help our clients better. So it’s a no-brainer that they are on our list.

Orbit Media’s Blog

Orbit Media’s Blog has been a Godsend when it comes to data and stats on blogging. We plan to release an article at the end of the month on some of the best blogging stats we came across, and they are the backbone of that article. 

The best thing about Orbit Media’s Blog is how much information you will find on optimization and analytics. It’s easy to tell someone that their blog isn’t ranking but can you explain the reasons and fix it? Their blog offers insight on Google analytics, how SEO can change how you approach your target audience, and so much more. 

A healthy idea banks keeps your writing fresh and ready to take on the world.

Keep Your Idea Bank Healthy

These six blogs are just the tip of our idea bank and a great addition to anyone trying to understand how their content marketing strategy can level up. They offer case studies and insight into what it takes to make a blog successful and keep generating new ideas. 

We hope these blogs can help your idea bank stay healthy with new ideas and stories to explore. Whether you are researching personalization content or how to optimize what you want to help others find the information they need, our post is a great starting point. 

If you are just getting started on your blog and need to figure out how to manage your content, be sure to reach out to us, your first consultation is always free! 

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